Location: RF74ci
Ruatangata West, Northland, New Zealand

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Thank you for visiting my Internet site. My intention is to give reception reports of QRSS transmitters. I use an ICOM IC-R75 Communications Receiver, locked to a GPSDO, and SpectrumLab Software, by DL4YHF, to display reports online.

You may request the Grabber to run on any of the HF Amateur Bands, and subject to availability, of both myself and the equipment, I will arrange this for you. However I do tend to concentrate on the 80, 40, 30, 20 and 10 metre Amateur Bands. Contact: ZL2iK

During the Northern Hemisphere Summer, my local time of day (TOD) is +12 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and during the Northern Winter (my Summer), my local TOD is +13 hours ahead of UTC. I will always report using UTC time.

Most favourable times to see your own signal is when you are in darkness and it is my local Dawn or Sunset, or when I am in darkness and it is your Dawn or Sunset. A very good tool to assist with this is DX Atlas. This will help you to track the day/night terminator as well as local times at other locations.

Please remember to check other grabbers on the band you choose to operate on, to ensure you use a frequency that is not in use! As the popularity of QRSS increases, there are a lot more MEPT's on the air, and don't forget to look at my Grabber too, as I can "see" things your local grabbers may not. This will help you to choose a vacant spot on the band.

Pete Mulhare
September 2014